Friday, July 31, 2009

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good-Bye!

It's the last day of summer work! This is my last post! Ahhhh! ;)

Now that I've got my COSMOS data structures, I've gone through and plotted RA-Dec, some star/galaxy classification histograms, and CMDs. I'm also adding an "epilogue" about these to my summer work summary paper.

Classification and RA-Dec

The data includes four parameters by which I can classify stars. From the ACS data, there is the class column, just as in the GOODS data, as well as their own column called mu_class. As far as I have been able to determine by my plots and n_elements(...), the mu_class assigns objects with a class of 0.85 or 0.9 and higher as a star. The redshift catalog had two additional classifier columns, the zp_best and Type. Zp_best is based on redshift data, and based on the histograms, those assigned 0 (stars), correspond to the 1's (stars) according to the Type. The interesting thing is that, when plotted, though it is obvious that my classification of class greater than 0.75 includes a few more stars than their mu_class, that mu_class has a significantly higher number of stars than even the zp/type classification. Also, the zp/type RA-Dec plots show odd wholes in the footprint, as if spheres were subtracted out; I initially supposed that this was the case, with some kind of masking, but it seems rather significant, and I've not been able to find any further documentation explain it.


They look beautiful! At least, until you get down to the I-band; those look a little weird, but it could just be some magnitude limits acting funny-? Perhaps something to investigate further later. The G-R vs R plots are especially nice, and you can see clearly the differences in the stellar cut-offs by looking at the population getting whittled down.

Color-Color Plots

I made a couple of these really quickly, in B-V vs V-I, and you can again see the beautiful narrowing down of the stellar population between the different star-parameters.

Document, Files, etc.

I updated all of my Research document, included a few notes on my directory and file names, and copied it to data03, and eel, as well as e-mailed it to Beth and myself. I also went through and made sure to have copied all of my files in my home folder over to data03, since it's been like a week since I updated that. So, everything is all set, and now I'm kind of sad to be clearing my stuff out of the lab!

But it's been a great summer, and I'm sure I'll do more work in the future.

Au revior,

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