Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hurray, COSMOS!

Well, it's been a tiring past few days, but it's finally done! The Cosmos catalogs were giving me some trouble, and the codes to data-structure-ify them were running into a lot of trouble.

All of the nonsense with the RA and Dec columns I sorted out: it turns out the data downloading site added its own two columns of calculated sexigesimal coordinates, in addition to the catalog's RA and Dec columns. Hence the confusion. So I'm just writing these as strings and ignoring them.

I ran into a lot of other troubles with a lot of "null" entries in other columns, so I had to read them in, used a where statement to find the "null"s and replaced them all with "99.9"s. Took a lot of lines of code, and a lot of things to get the structure to co-operate and accept the columns. But, after a lot of help from Beth with de-bugging and some code acrobatics, I got it to work this evening.

There is now a catalog for the ACS COSMOS data (cosmoscat), one for the photometric data (cosmosphotcat), and a merged catalog after spherematching their RAs and Decs (cosmos).

I've also got a pretty whole-survey RA-Dec plot already done! Next to tackle: classhist, comparing my star/galaxy classification parameter to theirs, selecting out stars, cmds, color-color, etc.

Also finished my LaTeX document on GOODS, and it looked great on squid, but when i scp'ed it to eel it turned crappy and images weren't displayed correctly, and i also had some trouble e-mailing the file. This to be checked out later.

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