Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Halo Stars

Nearly done with GOODS stars project!

K-S Test results for Halo Stars:

28th mag: 0.9855 average w/ 0.24225 stdev
27th mag: 0.9988 average w/ 0.20298 stdev
26.5th mag: 0.7996 average w/ 0.3058 stdev

28th mag: 0.9085 ave. w/ 0.18898 stdev
27th mag: 0.68989 ave. w/ 0.20114 stdev
26.5th mag: 0.8457 ave. w/ 0.1335 stdev

The trend towards more randomness in the 28th magnitude is still seen in the halo subset of GOODS stars, and these are not very different from those of the K-S test on the whole stellar catalog.

Given the high values, I'm comfortable gleaning from this that in the northern field the spatial distribution is random. Though the southern field has slightly lower values, they are still within the random-range, and within a standard deviation of the expected probability (based on the previous random vs random trials).

Wrapping Up

Now I'm just adding to the Results section of my Research Document, and I'll be wrapping up the GOODS stars project. Then I'll be playing with the COSMOS data and checking out its star/galaxy population and stellar spatial distribution.

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