Thursday, July 16, 2009

Keep to the Code

Today: Spent the majority of the day engulfed in editing and writing code.

Fixed Random Distribution

Beth pointed out to me how I had inadvertently cut off the edges of the field, so this is now fixed. For some reason I kept coming up with errors when I tried to run the code for the southern field.

Made Multi-plots!

Since the northern field worked, I proceeded with that, adding a for-loop and a multi-plot command to run numerous trials and got a 3x3 set of RA-Dec plots, and a data structure saving these trials' data.

Smooth and Significance Histograms

Next on the list was to make the smoothed RA-Dec plots, and the accompanying statistical significance histograms. When I tried to run my code on the random data though, I again ran into errors, and have isolated a problem or two, but not the solutions. I think the next thing I'll try will be to skip over the part of the code that's tripping up and see if I can get the rest of it to work or if there are further issues.

To Do:

Southern random positions, and multi-plot, data structure
Smooth RA-Dec plots for both fields, and significance histograms
finish debugging and get smoothed RA-Dec plots
-make accompanying cumulative histograms
Kolmogrov Smirnoff Test
-to compare trends of random trials and observed data in addition to eye-balling it
Update Research Summary Document
Ditto to Alex's Nap Idea
late night showing of Harry Potter at the iMax: movie and company were great beyond expectations, but caused slight shortage of sleep.

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