Monday, June 22, 2009

Latex, but not like the glove...

Been learning how to use LaTeX today to write up my work. Because I just started with a template made by Beth from Astro 333, it hasn't been hard to get going. I'm just plugging in my graphics and describing my process. (For the sake of good record keeping, and so that I can jump back in easily without losses when I get back from vacation.)

What was really exciting was that after I went back and looked at a color-color plot of my star catalogs (about 1000 stars in each field!) that made last Friday, it showed the sequence brilliantly. I color coded a few kinds of stars to look at, namely a "faint" vs "bright" parameter (25th mag cutoff), and a now a flux ratio cut off, where anything less than 1.3 was displayed in a group, and another group of 1.3-1.5. The sequence was made up almost entirely of the <1.3, with only a few bright stars from the other group along the stream. I plan on going back to this to see how far past the cut-off those good-looking stars are, after I finish my LaTeX-ing. Which may mean after I get back from my two weeks away.

I'm going to finish up my LaTeX-ing tomorrow morning, and then I'm off to the U.K.
Cheerio then!

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  1. Hey Jen if you have time, be sure to include in the latex document your estimate of the approximate number of stars you expect in the GOODS fields, based on the Besancon model.