Monday, June 15, 2009

The Best Plans of Mice and Men...

...often go awry. ~Robert Burns

But here's to hoping this one doesn't!

The Plan (for the second half of the summer)
  1. Detail process of star isolating technique
  2. Make final call on classification cut-off
  3. Separating further with aperture magnitudes:
    Flux ratios and plots
  4. Look at the spatial distribution and cmds of the stars
  5. Pursue analysis or proceed with this work on a new data set

Monday was very productive, in addition to talking over this with Beth. I sat down with her first thing in the morning and got through the two bugs left in my Error code. Two rather simple things, so I got started full-bore making lovely error plots for the rest of the day. I made magnitude error and color error plots with the median lines, in both N and S, for all objects and just for the "star" objects (as determined by class ge 0.7). I even made four corresponding nifty little plots showing just the median lines, in different colors, to compare them on a single set of axis. In the process I learned how to use "legend" to add a key to my graph. Beautiful.

Next: Get started on that "best catalogue of stars."

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